The World, Power, War

      Are Countries trying to shift power? Is the U.S. being dragged into another war? To help protect Ukraine, as well as threats to other allies we have an interest in? Are we on the brink of World War III? Is the dominant goal is to spread our military so thin that we cannot protect our homeland in the event of an attack? We're sure these are questions a lot of Americans are asking.

      Even though Ukraine has been able to defend itself with the help of the U.S. and other allies, Russia is determined to reinstate them into the Soviet territories. There gaining allies with China as China remains at odd with the U.S. and continues to threaten Taiwan trying to reinstate it as Communist China Territory. As this situation escalates and other allies step up and offer assistance against Russia, the stage is rapidly being set for World War III. As Russia has threatened Nuclear escalation on Ukraine, Germany has offered assistance to Ukraine as well as taken over 3 of Russia's electrical power stations.

      Threats from China, North Korea as well as the ongoing threats from middle eastern countries are leaving us vulnerable. We all know it's just a matter of time that war will be brought to our soil. Civil unrest over Government Control, Government infiltration from power hungry elected officials, weak borders will make us vulnerable here in the U.S. for a take over from an outside source or from a Terrorist attack from with-in. The Governmants agenda is to gain power over the people, are we running blind to what the elite have in store for the U.S.? If we do not regain a strong leader in the near future we will not survive. Utter destruction and chaos will make way for a take over that will force us into a communist/socialist regime. This is inevitable as we are losing control more and more as time goes on and there will be no turning back once it's here.

      Freedom will be lost and your rights gone forever, people will be at each others throat, food will be in shorter supply than it is already and crime will run rampant as people fight to survive. If you are willing to stand by and do nothing as we are rapidly becoming a 3rd world nation to be controlled by the wealthy you are part of the problem. We have a choice to protect this country from the tyrant within, ready yourself for what is about to come and fight to maintain what our forefathers created. This is not just a fight for our survival, this will be a fight for the human populations survival.

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