We believe that God is the creator (Ruler) over this life on Earth. Is there a Heaven and Hell? Life after Death? Reincarnation? But science is trying to undo that belief, a belief that no one person (entity) could have created this vast Universe. Therefore, was it the Big Bang Theory?, Evolution? Some religious groups believe everything is bound together to a point, kind of like the "Force" in StarWars. Individual people, animals, creatures will come and go but large mass extinctions (Life, Planets, Galaxies) effect everything as a whole. Religion is a major issue and problem due that there are so many cultures with different views on who or what makes up their "GOD". Religion has created wars and to this day, still is a major factor in "Beliefs" between civilized and uncivilized societies. Is there a "Holy War" in the Worlds Future? Will any one society decimate another society over their religious beliefs? Only time will tell!

      Some believe after you leave this world your "soul" still lives. As a ghost? a Spirit? an Entity? who knows, some do believe it goes on until you are reborn/reincarnated/recreated into your next life/adventure whether it is the day after death or hundreds of years in the future. Others believe, we continue numerous lives until we learn and expand the mind to accept peace and harmony with this Universe. Some cultures also believe the mind has yet to release its full potential because "we as a whole" have not learned to control it and believe that we have the ability to contact the "Afterlife", that we can see, hear, and talk to those that are on the "Other side". This is a gift for the few, do we all have the power to communicate?

      Obviously everyone's beliefs are based on their upbringing, teachings and their exposure to life's choices and manipulations (Family, Friends, General Public, Government, News Media and let's not leave out the greatest evil "SOCIAL MEDIA"). Take them as you may, laugh at them, question them, think on them because in the end you'll only have "You to believe in".

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