Human Population

      Humans are territorial, since the dawn of man humans have fought and battled for territorial space and property. People are willing to kill and be killed over land whether it's gang wars, wars between ethnic groups, civil wars or an international dispute like the crisis between Russia-Ukraine. People can be headstrong and stubborn when it comes to territory. As the Population continues to grow and becomes more ethnically diverse in Countries that require people to live in close proximity to each other territorial disputes will become more of an issue. In urban areas it is getting to the breaking point that civilization can not live in peace without segregation, communities of racial, idealistic and like minded people. This is just human nature, people want to be around others that think and live like they do.

Human Extinction, Voluntary Extinction

      Some scientists and philosophers adopt the antinatalist position that human extinction would not necessarily be a bad thing. Scientists argue that coming into existence is always serious harm, and therefore it is better that people do not come into existence in the future. Furthermore, Scientists, Anarchists and Animal Rights Activists, argue that human extinction would be a positive thing for the other species and organisms on the planet, and the planet itself, citing, for example, the omnicidal nature of human civilization. The environmental view in favor of human extinction is shared by the members of Voluntary Human Extinction Movement who call for refraining from reproduction and allowing the human species to go peacefully extinct, thus stopping further environmental degradation.

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