Is America for Sale?

      Unlike many countries that only allow land sales to those with citizenship in the country, the United States treats sales of real estate to foreigners almost the same as sales to citizens. There are no limitations in terms of who can buy land in the United States, but there may be limitations if you were to buy a home. Agricultural land is what's most at risk, U.S. lawmakers are acting with increased concern as Chinese purchasers are buying tens of thousands of acres of U.S. farmland.

What countries can Americans own land in?

      If you can afford it, the U.S. Otherwise Americans are out of luck. Native born Americans are getting screwed by their own governmental regulations and politicians. If you are a foreigner and have the money you can buy this country. However, being foreigners to other countries such as the Philippines, Mexico, Thai Land, etc. native born Americans cannot own one inch of land in foreign countries. There are so many people who post on forums or real estate agents who advertise owning "property" in other countries who haven't a clue or are just plain lying. Most people who post on forums haven't bothered to read the particular countries Immigration and ownership laws. And the real estate agents advertise selling land to Americans use deceptive tactics by not even mentioning the exclusion of land in "their"definition of property. As for the exclusion of native born Americans on citizenship grounds, A foreigner can come to the U.S., drop a baby which will become an automatic American citizen with dual citizenship with the parents country of origin. In due time the child will be able to buy land in both countries. This aside, a foreigner, legal or not, can immigrate to the U.S. virtually requirement free without losing any citizenship rights in the country of origin while gaining all the rights and privileges of U.S. citizenship. If a native born U.S. citizen desires to immigrate to most other countries he or she must satisfy skill or other needs of that country. If a native born American desires dual citizenship he or she risks losing American citizenship. Or, in the case of the Philippines, a Filipino can accuse you of a crime and the U.S. will have minimal power to help you. The bottom line is that being a native born U.S. citizen desiring to fulfill land ownership as one dimension of the "American Dream" you are plain out of luck. You are stuck between being priced out with the help of the economy and incompetent self-centered politicians and our policies that allow foreigners free reign to own as much land and real property that they can afford. The real sad part is that as a native American born citizen I am paying the bill.

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