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We cover some major topics and events going on locally and around the globe. Although our goal is to preserve the U.S. and to fight to maintain "OUR" sovereignty for all Americans.

We "ARE" a Constutional Republic!

Now, This obviously goes without saying, The true "American People" are the Native Americans and previous Indigenous people. But obviously there's no turning back at this point without 350+ million people leaving this Country and we all know that's not going to happen. So lets move forward, Colonists arrived on these shores with the idea to create a life that was free from strict Government rule to which unfortunately after 200+ years this Government is once again trying to impose on the American people. This Country, founded on hardwork and perseverance that if "ALL" people (no matter Race, Color, Creed or Religion) take the initiative to provide and care for themselves, they can achieve the goals our Founding Fathers fought for and not by the notion of having the government providing and taking care of it's people, which is the socialist agenda.

Conspiracy Theorist?

Well, we guess you might call us Conspiracy Theorists over some of the topics covered on this site and that's fine. We try to do a complete and thorough research to find a truthful conclusion to any topic we bring to this platform. But as you know there are always 3 sides to every story, the Governments, the Media and the American People... You have to be the judge!


Genuine American Patriot:

Now we'll try to put this as delicate as we can so we don't sound racist and offend anyone because we do believe anyone that comes here "Legally" has the right to live as they wish as long as they're not infringing in our rights, our way of life nor trying to shove their beliefs down our throat. Those of us, being born and raised in this country have seen both good and not so good times. But we have never seen our country be so disrespected by it's own people and those who have come here seeking the so called "American Dream" as we have in the last several years. A Genuine American Patriot is a man or woman who takes pride in their country. They have a feeling of love, devotion and sense of attachment for their country and alliance with other citizens who share the same sentiment. This attachment can be a combination of many different feelings relating to one's own country, including ethnic, cultural, political or historical aspects. A Genuine American Patriot would fight to keep their freedoms, they’d truly believe in freedom and justice for ALL. Now, most of us work a full time job 5 to 6 days a week, 8 to 14 hours a day. We are many of the 338 million working class people that are the backbone of this Great Nation and have been since we were teenagers. We have friends on both sides of the isle and yes we obviously have our differences and don't agree on certain issues, but we are always willing to listen. We believe in God and Country and that all "Legal Americans" have the right to invoke their first admendment right as we are doing here. We will always "PUT' and "DO" what we believe is in the best interest of maintaining and protecting our Country and our (The American) way of life. We are what you might call "Deplorables" as the liberal Dems put it, We respect our President 100% although we do not always agree with what he say's , nor do we always agree and support our government through our beliefs. We support the Constitution, say the "Pledge of Allegence", sing the "National Anthem". and fully support our Military as we want to believe that in a time of crisis a majority of them would back the true American people. And we'll be straight up, if you're not happy with what this "Great Country" has to offer or it doesn't satisfy your needs and you want to change it to be more like where you came from, Seriously just leave, go back and try to make your country a better place for you and the people you left behind and those you want to get away from! As we sit and watch our country being over run with illegals and foreigners from other countries that come to take advantage of the benefits we provide. They bring the quality of life their used to from where they came, and have no respect or desire to assimilate to the life America has to offer. The older Americans that have lived here for generations are trashed with a blatant disrespect for the culture we've made, but they expect us to adhere to theirs. They are turning America into a cesspool and this country will no longer exist with the freedoms we have, nor for what our Founding Fathers intended.


And with that being said:

As we are getting older, no matter what the Lord has in store for us when this life is over, whether it's Heavenly Bliss or Complete Darkness. The thing that most of us will miss is the "consciousness". The physical awareness of knowing your alive on such an outstanding place. Being able to See, Touch, Feel and Do the things that we are able to do now... This is what we believe we should truly thank him for!

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