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     The Time is approaching, sooner than you think... As our statues were being desecrated and our history being erased by the very same people that want to live in this "Land of The Free". These idiots who would tear down your country are bullies, and the only thing they understand is a force greater than theirs. Sadly, that force is meeting violence with greater violence. Think about it! America has lived through and survived a revolution from which our freedom was born and a civil war that nearly tore us apart. We have immigrants and refugees that have come and are still coming to this country with one goal on their agenda, they are not here to assimilate, but to embed themselves, and to overthrow our government (It is a shame our government has forgotten what some of these refugees have done to us in the past). This is going to lead us back into a civil war pitting the true American people that value this Great Nation against the left-winged (Liberals) and homegrown funded terrorist organizations that are pushing for a socialist America. Socialism does not and will not work in this country and if they succeed there will be no turning back, if or when we become a socialist country, we will not be able to reverse the outcome, this war will do nothing more than change its people and the face of America! This Democratic government is undermining the Second Amendment with new gun legislation that will literally take away our Constitutional Right to bear arms as they do not believe in the US Constitution and continue to dismantle it with every stroke of the pen. Biden and the Democrats America is not a free America. You were warned that Joe Biden was going to systematically tear America apart, flooding this country with illegal immigrants, stripping U.S. Citizens of our Rights and Freedoms that makes our country great and it is happening before your very eyes. Democrat's, the liberal left and the Media are onboard and backing these people in order to erase and change the very foundation this great nation was built on. Unfortunately, this Civil War/Revolution/Communist takeover is well under way.

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